“Far away, the misty mountains cold…” It is not about what we expect from life, but what life expects from us. A small hobbit realised that and took part in an adventure he could have never expected before. I reckon I have drove myself this way through my time being, despite all the changes and news have been popping up, sometimes good ones, sometimes not that good, but always looking forward, having faith in God, hoping that He knows more.

From my point of view, we all should be that hobbit, who left his home to help the others, as he said: “I feel homesick, you cannot, you do not have home, that is why I am here” We all tend to lay down and hide and let others to fight while we keep safe and comfortable, but hardly human kind can exist if this continues. Let´s try to hide, but from laziness and egoism, world needs you, do not be afraid: “What you do in life echoes in the eternity”.