These rings mean the world to me. They represent my lineage, unity, love, and above all, a special bond. These are my grandmother’s engagement and wedding rings. They have been around for more than fifty years and represent the start of who I am today and what I yearn to be. Though my grandmother is still alive and well and will turn 93 next month, two years ago, in 2018, she gifted these rings to me. I am the youngest grandson in the family and was super privileged and happy when I found out that my grandmother wanted me to inherit these from her.

To me, these represent a lifetime of sacrifice and endeavour as my grandmother was known to be a hard worker and did everything in her means to provide for her children and grandchildren. She was not afraid of anything or anyone and has confronted life as it should be, like a warrior. Every time I feel like I cannot do something or am afraid to try something new, I look at these rings and remember that toughness in my grandmother and that becomes my driving force to simply do it.

Ever since, I have become more courageous and have exceeded my life’s goals and keep adding new ones every day. I love my grandmother and that special bond we have with each other means everything in life for me.