Oktyabrskaya street is located almost in the center of Minsk, but it is almost never visited by tourists, and Minsk residents themselves do not come here often. The street is located away from major transport roads and from the everyday life of the city, and ordinary people simply do not get here. And yet, this street is very interesting. Almost completely it is built up with buildings of old factories, some buildings of which are more than a hundred years old.

This is a rarity in Minsk, which was severely damaged during the Second world war by German and Soviet bombings. There is a very creative atmosphere here. Here they read poems, sing songs, and hold exhibitions. There are many different interesting and specific cafes (for example, a cafe-bus).

Master classes and meetings with representatives of the arts are held here. Well, the main attraction of the street is graffiti. What stories are there just not! Frida Kahlo, bison, Belarusian stories, giant hummingbirds, and the display of current problems. such as environmental pollution-everything is reflected on Oktyabrskaya street. For me, this is a place where I can meet interesting people, a place where all my friends are, a place where Belarusian art is born and, of course, a place where I can relax my soul.