This photo reminds me that any hard work pays off. This medal is given to graduates of school after studying at middle and high schools with summa cum laude proven by the finals in my country. After six years of studying hard, I received the acknowledgement not only my knowledge, but also my strong determination and desire to reach the lofty goals.

There was a case, which enhances the significance of this honour and its value in my life. To nominate candidates for this award lies with the principal and academic councils of the school. My school at the final year, doubting my abilities, refused to recommend me as a student who can receive this award. After a state of despair and hopelessness, my family and I guessed to submit the documents for the award straight to the district office, proving my ability to receive it.

Eventually, I passed the finals successfully and received the long-awaited medal. That is why it always make me remember that nothing is impossible and if you are aware of one’s worth, then be tough and go all the way.