This is my school in which I studied from early childhood. This place is one of the most important for me. All the main thing in a person’s fate begins with school. What you will be in your school years, you will become so in your future life. For me, school is the second home. Here we communicate, consult, grow up.

For many, a school is more than a place where we get an education. No wonder adults say that school years are the best time in their lives. Even in childhood, a person decides who he should be, what profession to choose. The character is formed in the school, our attitude to the world is taking shape, here we are taught to think logically. The more a person learns, the more he understands himself, his surroundings, loved ones.

A school is not just a building. This is the world in which we live, this place, which has become a native, our own. After all, here we not only spend a significant part of our time, here we learn, comprehend the basics of knowledge. Recognizing the importance of this process, one cannot help but be grateful to the school and call it a second home. We gain a lot during the school years. . . And teachers are probably the heart of the school.

In our life they play an important role, as perhaps we in their life. All our teachers are smart and good people. They try to pass on their knowledge to us, to prepare us for adulthood. The school really became my second home. I often miss this place because I spent the best years of my life there.